Most services will start at $25.00, but see the below pricing for specifics.
All services include either "drop off" or "on-site" repair. Fuel charge may apply for travel beyond Lacey(West) or Tacoma(North)

 Damage Control and Security - Starts at $25.00 for first hour, $5/hr after
        Virus Removal
        Spyware and Malware Removal
        Flat rate charge of $40.00 if you drop off overnight

 Backup and Archival - $25.00(May require advance payment, contact for details)
        Data backup to CD/DVD MEDIA (First 10GB Provided at no additional charge**)
        Data backup to DIGITAL MEDIA (Cost of media may very, contact for details)
        Data backup to YOUR PROVIDED MEDIA

 Lockout Services - $25.00
        Windows XP/VISTA/2000/XP
        MAC OS 10+

 Cleanup and Tuneup - $25.00
        Startup and Boot optimization
        Cleanup of unused or un-needed software
        Hardware Cleanup (dust removal of inside casing and peripherals)

Hardware Upgrades and Replacement - $25.00 + hardware cost if not provided
        Memory(RAM) upgrade(cost will very depending on choice of brand/speed/size)
        Graphics Cards (Includes installation of hardware and graphics drivers)
        Motherboard Replacement (includes driver installation)
        Any other internal installation on Desktop PC

 Operating System (OS) and Software Install - $25.00 + cost of sw if not provided 
        Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7 (including upgrades)
        MAC OS
        Software and Application install

 New Computer and Peripheral Setup - See below for pricing
        Out of the box experience package - $60.00
                Includes setup from box to desktop and disposal of packaging
                Printer Setup
                Internet or network setup and file sharing setup
                Bloatware and pre-installed software clean up
                Microsoft Office installation(must provide or be willing to purchase)
                    Open source office software such as OpenOffice.org or AbiWord
                    available at no charge if you need it
        Printer/Scanner/All-In-One Setup $25
                Includes installation of driver and print software
                Disposal of packaging if requested
        TV and Entertainment Center - $30.00
                Wiring of all devices
                Cable ties

                Programming the remote(I can even set the time on the VCR!!)
                Disposal of packaging if requested
        Network Setup - $25.00 + Hardware and Wire cost of not provided
                WIFI Setup
                Wired LAN (small scale)
                Attached peripherals(Game consoles, Cell phones, Laptops, Desktops, Etc)